Trial and the Big Day

I bet you cannot believe how quick this is coming around. I’m hoping your dress is ordered and things are going smoothly in your planning. So you have secured me for your trial, firstly I wish to say thank you in advance for allowing me to become part of such a special day. This now means that I am excited and the cogs in my head are ticking!


I thought it would be reassuring for you to read up on what to expect at your trial and what will happen on the day.

Your trial I advise to book at least 1-2 months before your wedding, purely because in the past a few of my brides booked their trials so early they had to book and pay for another one as they had changed their mind over time. So what I say is secure your trial and wedding day early, and use the rest of the time to research hair styles. To secure I ask for a 50% booking fee for your trial and 50% booking fee for your big day. The booking fee is non-refundable. You can book just a trial to start with and I can pencil your wedding day in my diary, if you are happy with your trial you can then secure your big day; however I do need to point out that pencilling your big day will not guarantee that date is yours. If another enquiry comes along then you will be informed. Most brides are more than happy to book both dates with peace of mind that no one else will come along and take it.


Pictures are always good useful tools to have at your trial, it doesn’t matter how many as it will give me an insight as to what you like and don’t like. I don’t turn up at a trial and pin hair up straight-away that would just be crazy. I have a book where I make notes, sketch pictures and details times, locations and who is in your party.

Between booking your trial and the day of your trial you would also have looked at accessories for the hair, whether it’s a veil, tiara, side band or sparkles, something would have caught your eye. Don't worry if you have not managed to find anything as of yet, I can help you with these. Not only do I source and sell beautiful tiaras, sidebands and sparkles, but I make bespoke veils or customise existing veils to suit your wedding.

At your trial we will talk about what you want, is it possible, the weight and texture of your hair as to whether it will hold and timings of how long it will take.


A trial for yourself will roughly take around 1.5 hours, and anyone else I tend to add 45-60 minutes on for each. Typically brides tend to have a trial for themselves and maybe a bridesmaid. If there are multiple bridesmaids and you are wanting similar styles then it would be beneficial for one to have a trial.

Once your trial is complete and you are happy with everything then it will be waiting for the big day to come around. If there is anything in the meantime you need to talk about or have any questions then I am always available. Discussions on the arrival time for the big day will be discussed and updated in the diary.


                                  Woman with long dark hair having a hair trial at home. Mobile Bridal hair in Kent


So The Big Day Has Arrived!!!


Arriving on time if not 5 minutes early, I will travel to wherever I am needed. Travel fees would have been included in your invoice. Usually photographers and makeup artists and florists will be arriving throughout your morning/afternoon. My biggest advice is to relax, and allow us to create the magic for your day. I will usually start with a bridesmaid (if applicable) as this will enable a makeup artist to apply your foundation. Then it will be the bride followed by any other bridesmaids, flower girls or mums. Like at the trial, grips and products will be used, typically setting lotion will be used to hold any curls or blow dry’s. I work in a way that allows you to be all ready at least an hour before you are due to go anywhere. This ensures there is enough time for any delays, or if the photographer needs you and so on. I also find it creates a calm environment.


From working in the bridal shop I can assist and take any stress away with helping you into your dress if it is a corset-back.  This is my little way of giving back. Then you should be ready to get married!!!


                                                Blonde bride standing by window wearing a long white dress. Bridal hair in Kent


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I’m Getting MARRIED!!!!!!!

What can you expect?


From working in the industry for a few years now you pick up a few tips and hints along the way on what people have or haven’t done in planning their wedding. So I thought I would share some with you. The first thing I can say is as soon as you have booked your date your head is off in the land of weddings and all of a sudden you are being bombarded by people wanting your business. My advice is STOP and plan….

Have you got a date in mind? Will it allow you plenty of time to plan everything? Bride with hair up, bridal hair in Kent


From getting a date in your head, the most important thing to book is your venue. This secures your date and location and everything else will fall into place around it. Make sure you pay a deposit otherwise you may not have a guarantee that the date you want is secured. It may be worth buying a book to note everything you need to do, or have done or need to pay in it for reference.


Once you have booked your date, then you need to think about your research. Wedding Fairs are a fantastic way of meeting and talking to suppliers to find out what you need, or how much it will cost and people’s availabilities. I book a lot of Fairs throughA Kentish Weddingand White Sky EventsThey are fantastic and ensure some great suppliers are there to meet you.


Go along to several fairs and pick up everything on offer, leaflets, goodies etc and register your details as it will keep suppliers in touch.


Red haired bride with tiara So now you’ve done a bit of research you are ready to start making your big day unfold. Have you thought about your dress? Did you know it can take 5 months to order in your dress, and 3 months for alterations? I used to work in a bridal shop so I am fully aware of how long dresses can take to order. So please please please factor a year into your plan for dress hunting. Keep an open mind too, many a bride has crossed my path adamant on what style they want, they don’t want to look at anything else and will only try that style on. So they try it on and are you surprised to now read that they did not like it!!! Make sure you try everything in order to rule out styles and types of fabric. People forget that the models are heavily airbrushed and are told to pose in a way to enhance the dress. The reality of you actually recreating that pose is very slim! Your dress believe it or not will also dictate your hair.

Any heavy high lace detail on the back and neck will affect you having your hair down. You don’t want to pay £100’s if not £1000’s for a dress that has such beautiful detail on to be covered up by your hair. So my general rule is high lace detail needs hair up or to the side, and strapless dresses can have up, down, half up half down or to the side.


So to summarise so far you need to:

• Book your date/venue

• Go to some wedding fairs  Blonde hair up in Kent

• Start finding your dress


Once you have found your dress, put a deposit down and secure it. Many styles get discontinued over the year so you don’t want to miss out. Now once you have your dress ordered, the next 3 things to book are so important:

• Hair

• Make up

• Photography


People don’t realise how far in advance we get bookings which is why we all have a 3 year diary to work with! You may not know what you want for your hair or make up but that’s ok, just get these stylists booked otherwise time will creep up and they will all be taken. Photographers are so important too as they help you to keep your memories alive, you want to be able to do that with the best photographs. These 3 suppliers are what make you look amazing for your day which means you want to put them in the top 5 people to get booked ASAP.


Then comes things like:

• Florist

• Cakes

• Stationery


Please don’t think for one moment I am saying that flowers, cakes and invites are not as important because they are this is just a list of what I consider to be priorities for booking.


Bride with flowers in her hair I do need to also say be careful too…. There are a lot of suppliers out there all wanting you to pick them. Some are amazing and extremely talented, others not so. If you go onto places like Facebook groups to find suppliers just bear in mind you will also get a lot of suppliers contacting you back, take the time to look at their websites, pictures of what they do rather than the price they are offering. Unfortunately free trials or hefty discounts can be sign of people just starting out in their business or needing to fill their diary more. Look at who is recommending who in your replies, that’s a good way of seeing trusted suppliers.


Good luck in your research and journey to find the suppliers you want. Why not take a look at the recommended suppliers section to see who I recommend or have had the pleasure of working with. I will only recommend those that are good at delivering what couples want. Back to Top


Price List

For A Trial:


Bride   £50

Bridesmaids  £40

Mum’s   £40

Maids of Honour £40

Flower Girls  £20 above shoulder  £25 below shoulder


For The Big Day:


Bride    £55

Bridesmaid  £45

Mum’s   £45

Maids of Honour £45

Flower Girls  £25 above shoulder £30 below shoulder


PLEASE NOTE: For any trial or wedding I will travel the first 20 miles for free, any miles travelled after that will be charged at a rate of 45p per mile. For example if I travelled for your trial to your home and it was 25 miles away, that would be a total journey of 50 miles. The first 20 are travelled for free leaving 30 miles chargeable at 45p per mile. Therefore there would be a travelling cost of £13.50


Some brides like to incorporate their hen night with their trial in order to go out for a night looking fab and I am more than happy to help. However if you fancy having your hair up for your hen night after your trial, for example if you would like a different style, then I am happy to offer this service. If you have a party of 3 or more then I am happy to charge £20.00 per person. A 50% booking fee would be required for a Hen Night Party. Or if you are happy with your style for the hen night then it's party time! Why not send me a message for a quote or more information.


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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service: Your terms and conditions form part of your agreement for wedding hair between you and Joanna at Josephines. A copy of your invoice will be sent to you via email or post (whichever you prefer) for the initial inspection and agreement. However in order to secure the date a 50% booking fee will need to be paid along with a signed quote which states you have read the terms and conditions and agree to all the terms. Once your signed copy has been received AND booking fee has been paid, any other enquiry from a bride for your date will result in them being signposted to another hairdresser if it coincides with your timings. This is why your booking fee becomes non-refundable.


Please note: Your initial quote will only be valid for 30 days and could be subject to change if any price changes have occurred.


The Trial: A mutually convenient time for the trial will be arranged between the parties. It may occasionally be necessary to change the date of a trial that has already been agreed and every attempt will be made to accommodate another date that is convenient.


The Booking: In order to secure dates for your trial and wedding day a 50% non-refundable booking fee is required . Once a booking fee has been paid, there is a 14 day cooling off period from the date on the invoice, should you wish to cancel. Within 14 days a full refund will be paid, after 14 days the booking fee becomes non- refundable. If no booking fee has been provided and another bride wishes to book your chosen date, Joanna will contact you first to notify you an expression of interest has been made. You will then have 5 working days to make a payment to secure your date otherwise your date will be offered to another bride.


Application of hair products: It is your responsibility to notify Joanna of any health complaint, skin complaint or sensitivity to any part of your scalp or hair that you are aware of at any time that the application of any products is due to commence. It is also your responsibility to ensure that any member of your party requiring hair services by Joanna have notification of the same. Joanna reserves the right to refuse to apply any products to any person whom she suspects of suffering from a health or skin complaint or sensitivity.


Payments: Please note that if you live further than 20 miles from Joanna’s home then a mileage fee of 45p will apply for every additional mile. This will be added to your trial and wedding day quotes if applicable.


1. At the time of making your booking, a 50% non-refundable booking fee for your trial and/or wedding day is required to secure your date(s).

2. At the trial, you will need to pay any outstanding balance for your trial fee.

3. When you make a booking, you will receive an invoice by email or post (whichever you prefer). Your outstanding balance will not be due until 2 weeks before your wedding day. This can be made by BACS payment or cheque.


Cancellations by you: You reserve the right to cancel your wedding day hair at any point prior to your wedding day. Please note that the following charges will apply:


Within 14 days: a full refund will be provided

Four weeks or less before your wedding: balance due in full

Joanna has to cancel: a full refund will be provided


Cancellations by Josephines: Wedding hair: In the unlikely event that Joanna is unable to attend your booking due to sickness, injury, personal emergency or any other circumstance beyond her control, she will endeavour to find a replacement hair stylist of a similar standard. This cannot, however, be guaranteed. If Joanna is unable to find a replacement hairstylist, you will receive a full refund of monies paid, less the trial cost.


Timings: At the trial, Joanna will agree with you a time to arrive and a time to leave on the wedding day. Inevitably proceedings often run late and an allowance will be built into the agreed timings. Should Joanna be required to run over those timings due to lateness on the part of any of the bridal party or any other factor not of Joanna’s making, then a payment of £10 per half hour will be payable.


Photography: At the trial Joanna will take pictures of the finished hair style.  Joanna will also take pictures on the wedding day of the Hair style. These pictures may or may not be used on Joanna’s facebook page as part of her gallery and on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google + and on the website. By signing these terms and conditions you are confirming that you have no objection to your photos being used in this way. If you object to your pictures being used, please inform Joanna accordingly.


Limitation of liability: Josephines wedding hair is not an insurer or a guarantor and disclaims all liability in such capacity. If you are seeking a guarantee against cancellation, loss or damage you should obtain appropriate insurance.


All services are conducted on the basis of the information, documents and/or photographs provided by you. Services are for the benefit of you and anyone who you choose to provide services for under this contract.

Joanna is not liable to you or any third party for any actions or omissions outside the remit of the service supplied. Nor is she liable for any problems arising as a result of unclear, erroneous, incomplete, misleading or false information supplied.


Joanna is not liable for any delayed, partial or total non-performance of the services arising directly or indirectly from any event outside her control including your failure to comply with any of your obligations. Joanna’s liability in respect of any claim for loss, damage or expense of any nature, shall in no circumstances exceed the costs of services she has been contracted to provide.


If any one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Service are found to be illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired by this.


I have read, understood and am in full agreement with the terms and conditions set out by Josephines wedding hair. It is my full responsibility to make sure that all members of my bridal party abide by the terms and conditions contained in this document.


If you require a print out please inform me, otherwise an email with your conformation of consent is sufficient.

Hair byJosephines
Bridal Hair
Hair byJosephines
Trial and the Big Day

Bride with hair up, bridal hair in Kent

Red haired bride with tiara

Bride with flowers in her hair

Price List
Terms and Conditions
Bridal Hair

Bride with hair up, bridal hair in Kent

Red haired bride with tiara

Bride with flowers in her hair

Trial and the Big Day
Price List Terms and Conditions
Bridal Hair

Bride with hair up, bridal hair in Kent

Red haired bride with tiara

Bride with flowers in her hair

Trial and the Big Day Price List Terms and Conditions
Hair byJosephines
Bridal Hair

Bride with hair up, bridal hair in Kent

Red haired bride with tiara

Bride with flowers in her hair

Trial and the Big Day Price List Terms and Conditions
Hair by Josephines